"Hello, Culture"

Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures 2019

Welcome to CAAD futures 2019 !

“Hello, Culture !"

Things are nothing without being defined by someone. All things including creation or social phenomenon have been given meaning through being understood.

In 2019, the theme of the conference is "Hello, Culture" borrowing from "Hello, World" which is used in all programming languages. As if to say hello to a new world, we are looking forward to meeting with a new cultural area. The new and diverse cultural areas will be defined through contemporary architectural, design, engineer and other researches.

CAAD Futures 2019, with its theme "Hello, Culture", warmly welcomes every contribution to understanding cultures in any shape or form. Subjects of the conference are as follows, but there are no limit.

Recommend Subject list

Computational design research,
Theories of design in the digital age,
Design cognition,
Design and cultures,
Algorithmic and parametric design,
Data analytics,
Design and decision support systems,
Building information modeling
Virtual/augmented reality,
Smart buildings,
Smart cities,
CAAD curriculum
Shape & form studies,
Modeling & simulation,
Digital Heritage,
AI for design
Digital aids to design creativity,
Human-computer interaction,
Collaborative design

Here is the CAAD futures website: CAAD futures Foundation
You can get the general information of CAAD futures.

Important dates

Abstract Submission: 31th August, 2018

Abstract Submission Deadline extension : 14th September, 2018 (23:59:59 KST)
→ Notification of Abstract Acceptance : 15th October, 2018

Full paper Submission: 31th December, 2018
Workshop Date: 24 - 25th June, 2019
Conference Date: 26 - 28th June, 2019


All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

• Extended Abstracts Submission: 31th August, 2018

• Extended Abstracts Submission Extension: 14th September, 2018 [CLOSED]

( Notification of Abstract Acceptance : 15th October, 2018 )

Authors are expected to submit abstracts using EasyChair submission system via the link provided on the CAAD futures2019 website. Please download template and write down through the file.
The abstract maximum length is 800 words.


• Professor Robert Woodbury

• Professor Terry Knight

• Chairman Kwangyun Wohn


The CAAD futures 2019 Daejeon workshops invite researchers and industry practitioners to share their research experience, original research results and practical development experiences on specific new challenges and emerging issues of design computing.

The Workshop will be held at the CAAD futures conference in Daejeon on 24-25th June, 2019 (depending on their length). The registration fee for workshops will be determined by the conference (not the workshop itself). The fees will be paid to the conference (the fee will be added according to the number of workshops you choose), and the conference will provide workshop facilities including the working notes printing, the meeting room, coffee break, etc.

The List of Workshops

• The 3rd Cultural DNA Workshop by Ji-Hyun Lee (1 day, Invitation Only)

• Rhino/GH Shape Grammars by Rudi Stouffs/ Andrew Li (4 days)

• How to Design Cultural Products by Yu-Hsiu Hung (3 days)

• Facilitating Research with Physical Computing
by Mathew Schwartz/ Andrzej Zarzycki (3 days)

• Contextualized Digital Heritage Workshop - Buyeo
by Danilo Di Mascio (3 days)

• Fractal Geometry : Recursive Algorithm for Architectural Design using Rhino/Grasshopper/Python
by Iasef Md Rian (3 days)

• Hybridizing Digital Culture and Ecology: toward a new urban biomimicry
by Claire Bailly/Jean Magerand (3 days)


For more details, please contact us.

Ji-Hyun Lee :: jihyunlee@kaist.ac.kr
Taeha Yi :: yitaeha@kaist.ac.kr



Graduate School of Culture Technology (N25 Building), 291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-701 Korea